IRLP EchoLink

Our EchoIRLP node “tweets” its status.

VE6HM IRLP Node number = 1068

VE6HM-R EchoLink Node Number = 51068

Connect to an IRLP Node = STAR (*) then dial 4-digit node number 

Connect to an EchoLink station = POUND (#) then Dial 4-6 digit EL number.

Disconnect any call = Dial 73

Weather Scripts:

91 for Edmonton City Centre Weather. 191 for the forecast.

92 for Edmonton International Airport Weather. 192 for the forecast.

93 for Honolulu Hawaii Weather - just for kicks! 193 for the forecast.

01 - Speak date and time (local).

02 - Speak Station ID, date and time (local).

03 - Speak Node Status.

90 - Test Tone (30 sec tone recorded by VE7LTD Dave Cameron, Creator of IRLP)

For more information on IRLP see:

For more information on EchoLink see:

An EchoIRLP node has been enabled on the VE6HM repeater network.

Through the work of many volunteers, software has been written to allow the EchoLink system to "piggy-back" with an IRLP node, resulting in an EchoIRLP node.  If you're not familiar with the EchoLink system, it is a system that allows Amateur Radio operators to communicate using a PC, iPhone, or Android smartphone.  EchoLink uses the keyboard, microphone, and speakers (or headphones) attached to the PC (or mobile device) to allow voice and text communications with similarly equipped stations around the world.

With the installation of the EchoIRLP software, the VE6HM system is now connected to both the EchoLink and the IRLP systems.

To make a call on the IRLP system, simply enter STAR (*) then desired IRLP node number (4 digits) on your DTMF pad.  (You may hear an error message come from the VE6HM repeater controller - ignore it!)

The IRLP node will connect and play a greeting.  You may then go ahead and initiate your conversation.

To make a call on the EchoLink system, simply enter a POUND (#) followed by the desired EchoLink station number (4-6 digits) on your DTMF pad.  The EchoLink node will connect and play a greeting message.  You may then go ahead and initiate your conversation.

To disconnect a call on either network, simply enter 73 on your DTMF pad.  The 73 disconnect code works for both the IRLP and EchoLink systems.

The system can only handle one connection at a time - in other words you cannot connect to both an IRLP node and an EchoLink node at the same time.