Autopatch Guide

The auto-patch system is connected to the VE6VPR repeater (145.290- 100.0Hz CTCSS). The auto-patch system requires an access code (A) and then a command digit (0 through 3) to be entered from your DTMF pad to activate (and deactivate) the system.

Note:  It is the Club's intention to leave the VE6VPR repeater "stand-alone" for Auto-Patch and general communications.  The VE6VPR repeater will not be linked to any of the other Club repeaters.

To Manually Dial a Number

To Exit the Auto-Patch (hang up):  A 0

Extending the Auto-Patch Time-Out Timer:  A 3

The auto-patch allows a single call duration of 30 minutes.  The time-out period can be reset (for an additional 30 minutes)

Toll Restriction

Any telephone number starting with a "1" has been disabled in the system.  This includes all long-distance numbers and "1-800" & "1-900" numbers.