Remote Hams

The Northern Alberta Radio Club has a remote site that offers HF on an ICOM 7300 and a multi-band dipole antenna in the 10,15,20, 40 and 80 meter bands, as well as a 6 meter beam that is not yet connected. VHF/UHF SSB is also offered on an ICOM 9700 with 2 meter and 70 centimeter horizontal beams.

 You need to be a Club member with at least a basic certificate to use it to receive. The system is currently receive only. When available, you must hold an Advanced certificate of proficiency to transmit. 

 Access to the site is through, download the RCForb app,  install and search for VE6LRN.


A KiwiSDR reciever is also available at the VE6LRN site. It is down temporarily, but will be back up soon.

Cameras and Temperature Sensors

The temperatures at the VE6LRN site can be accessed remotely, but it is temporarily down. Cameras at the site are also available for Club members.