BrandMeister DMR

The DMR BrandMeister Repeater operated by NARC is VE6EMS.

This repeater is using the Yaesu DR-1X Fusion Repeater.

The TX output is 22.3W.

The frequency is 442.2500 MHz (+5 MHz).

The repeater is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Version 3B computer, interfaced to the repeater using a MMDVM-ZUM board mounted on an Arduino DUE single board computer. The Raspberry Pi is linked to the Arduino DUE with a USB cable. The Raspberry Pi runs the repeater control software called MMDVMHost.

Repeater configuration as of Feb. 2, 2017:

The current status of the repeater can be seen at:

Currently we have the VE6EMS repeater set up similar to the VE3YYZ repeater in Toronto, and you can check that site out at:

The set up of the Channels for the repeater can be found at:

Use of Reflectors is the same as described at this site. At the bottom of the page, there is a description on how to bring up the reflectors and it has been verified to work on VE6EMS.

The Static (Permanent) Talk Groups on Time Slot 1 can be changed as required by the Repeater Admin.

The Dynamic (On-Demand) Talk Groups can be used at any time by selecting the channel on your radio corresponding to the Talk Group you want to use and then do a Quick Key of the PTT, which makes the repeater connect to the Talk Group. You then listen for 2 minutes to make sure you are not transmitting over an existing conversation. You will only hear a conversation after the repeater synchs with the network after the connection is completed.