The Northern Alberta Radio Club has worked with a student group from the University of Alberta known as AlbertaSat to assist in building and operating their satellites. In addition to the many NARC members who have lent their expertise to these fantastic projects and various equipment donations, NARC hosts a ground station for AlbertaSat at our VE6LRN alternate site, which has room for additional radios to be placed on it for the use of club members. 

Additionally, NARC has provided resources as well as examinations for all AlbertaSat members who wish to obtain an amateur radio license, which is required for the operation of their satellites. Dozens of AlbertaSat members have done so and joined the community of amateur radio operators.

AlbertaSat's satellites also have AX.25 beacons that can be decoded by any amateur to gain information on the experiments onboard their satellites. For more information on AlbertaSat and information on how to receive these beacons, visit their website at