Great news, the problems have been resolved and everything is in good working order. THe ultimate root cause was a blown in line fuse in teh DC power supply for the EchoLink/IRLP device. When this blew the controller configuration caused the system to be stuck in transmit mode. Resolving this fixed most problems except th VE6HM VHF repeater. Reseating all the cards in the MSR2000 resolved that. Thank you to the operations team for their hard work and everyoen else for theit patience. 

Welcome to The Northern Alberta Radio Club!

The Northern Alberta Radio Club, also known as NARC, is an amateur radio club based in Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada, with a history going back to 1921.  

NARC’s mission is to preserve and promote Amateur Radio,  while providing community,  public, and emergency services.  If you’re new to Amateur Radio, you may want to see what it’s all about or attend our training classes.  Feel free to contact the club with any questions.

The Northern Alberta Radio Club, the oldest amateur radio club in Alberta,  will support amateur radio and the community by maintaining and developing state of the art communication facilities, providing communication services for the community in emergencies and public events,  training radio operators and providing an environment for social interaction and technical development.

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The club offers opportunities for members to learn,  socializing,  share their knowledge and skills, and contribute back to the community. 

We also operate a number of repeaters and remote access radios usable by anyone with a valid (and appropriate) Amateur Radio operators certificate.